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Turn any learning content into engaging eLearning

Digital Training Solutions

We create Digital learning that can be can be used for employee personal development, onboarding, systems and environmental awareness, client product training, and even for sales and marketing.

Our Customers

We work with customers across a wide range of sectors, including Maritime Security, Language Testing, Mental Health & Wellness, First Aid & Fire Safety, Food Safety, Psychiatry and Physiotherapy, and many others. Please view some of our projects on this website or contact us for a chat.

Spotlight Studios

  • Spotlight Studios
    “James and his team excelled at writing content for our eLearning brand. We struggled for a while to find the right tone for our content but James understood exactly what we needed and we were able to launch ahead of time.”
    – Peter Chapman

eLearning Manchester

Let’s build great things together

Bright Light Digital is a creative agency based in Manchester, United Kingdom. We create content for eLearning and other digital solutions, working hard to bring great concepts and ideas to our customers and to continually push the quality and variety of the courses, videos and content we create.

We create digital learning experiences that engage the senses, working with existing training materials and learning management system (LMS), or consulting with SMEs to develop courses and videos from scratch, then implementing and administering an LMS that integrates with your website.


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eLearning Experience

Dynamic Content

eLearning combines content that engages the senses

We create courses, videos, quizzes & games, online exams with certification – and indeed any content that’s right for you and your business, and that communicates a powerful learning experience

dynamic eLearning Content

Why Digital eLearning?

Digital learning (or eLearning, or Computer-Based Training (CBT)) has been around for many years and the benefits and advantages over other types of training are now becoming widely understood – especially with the way the world has changed in the last few years. Benefits include:

  • Practical to implement and save on travel and accommodation costs
  • Learner engagement, using a variety of audio / visual / practical methods
  • Quick to roll out testing, assessments, results, certification
  • Allow people to learn at their own speed, and training can be taken many times.
  • Easy to roll out training to many people (worldwide) at once.
  • Consistency of training & content can be updated very easily

Modern eLearning can be highly interactive, incorporating engaging artwork, games and activities, quizzes, assessments, audio, voiceover, video, and so on. Micro Learning modules may last only a few minutes, while some learning journeys can last for many hours.

A well-designed eLearning course fully engages the senses of the learner, and provides encouragement as the course is taken, so that the learner remains motivated and rewarded throughout.