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Engaging Digital Learning Content

Content Creation for eLearning

Transforming Your Content into Effective eLearning

Customers can supply us with content that is complete and ready to be converted into eLearning. Other training material needs some work before it can be properly made into an online course.

For example, the training needs to be divided up into sections (much like the chapters of a book), and the learner journey through the material needs to be considered carefully.

Our Goal for You

The goal is to maintain the interest of the learner as they navigate through the course. This is achieved by using a variety of different mediums: Text, speech, image, task, quiz, video, etc.

The user experience of the learner should be gradual and all steps should be explained to them, including how to get the best out of the training, what all the buttons do, how to review the materials, and how to take the quizzes and assessments.

“James and his team excelled at writing content for our eLearning brand. We struggled for a while to find the right tone for our content but James understood exactly what we needed and we were able to launch ahead of time.”
Peter Chapman
Content creation for eLearning

Research and Writing

Some projects may require some element of additional research, so we can work together to develop, structure and write courses to your specifications. We have experience with developing courses from scratch in a wide range of subjects, including Cyber Security, Food Safety, First Aid, Mental Health, GDPR and many others.

Dynamic Content Creation

Video and animation content creation for eLearning

Video and Animation

Video can help with explaining or demonstrating certain learning points. Courses may be supplemented with video, or be entirely video based.

We have professional audio and video equipment which can be used to video you or your processes on site, or we can take your existing video and edit it to your specifications. We can put in your logos, sound effects, music, special effects, animations, and so on.

360° camera images can be used in courses to make very effective environmental training – perhaps for onboarding, product training, or dangerous environment familiarisation. Another technique is computer screen capture, which can be used in order to demonstrate software and other processes taking place on screen.

We can supply your finished video to you in whatever format you require, incorporate it into eLearning, your website, or even manage your YouTube channel or other social media.

Off the Shelf Courses

We have a number of white-labelled ‘off the shelf’ courses that customers may find useful to integrate into their learning catalogue. These include topics such as Health & Safety; Diversity, Equality, Inclusiveness; GDPR; and so on.